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Investors with you

We invest along with the owners of the building or land revenues in reversing some of the remuneration in case of realization in his own account or as an alternative we offer services aimed at obtaining the qualifying title to the installation and / or where required for the construction and maintenance of them.
On balance, a solar, wind or biomass, may have a cost similar to or even greater than the underlying building or area that houses the plant. So Power Solutions is committed to invest an amount equal to what the owner has invested in the building and / or lead in soil for 20 years and over, a pure industrial activity.
We create money for the future
Our investments are substantial and are intended for long-term returns. Therefore, when choosing where to place the roofs or land we do a careful analysis of all conditions and those with whom we alleiamo, because it will be a marriage that will last at least 20 years.