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Mission & Value


Power Solutions is a company that operates in the renewable energy sector, providing all activities necessary to build a plant. In particular site is dedicated to research, design and provision of habilitation for the construction of the turnkey for the production of electricity from renewable sources.
Power Solutions LTD within your organization has three divisions:
acces and specializes in meeting through a quality service the needs of an investor with the professionals who have technical knowledge and legal value.
The company also takes care of all aspects of obtaining a loan assistance paying all the knowledge and experience for customers through established relationships with leading Italian banks. The choice of high quality materials and the continuous research carried out in an industry that evolves with time fast Power Solutions enables the company to emerge from the competition.
Meeting the needs of the customer is the company's mission.
Research Solutions for Power is the continuing challenge that the company is able to identify new technologies in the market place by assisting customers in finding the necessary administrative and technical paths to the installation. The company provides services to provide after-sales service through contracts and management and energy certification.