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Power Solutios is an ESCO (Energy Service Companies).
Funding regarding energy conservation, improved energy-related, fall into three categories:
- Self-financing;
- Debt-financing;
- Financing tramiteterzi by the ESCO (Energy Service Companies).
The Self-financing: it is the simplest means of funding, there is self-financing to undertake the investment. Advantages: cost savings that are realized are readily available, you can get tax deductions on the cost of the equipment.
Debt-financing: the loan is the most important means of financing, you asked to borrow the money to invest, you repay the principal asked, with a share of interest. The share of interest can be deducted from tax. The gains that are obtained are derived from net income.
Third party financing by E.S.Co. (Energy Service Companies)
The ESCo. Is the abbreviation or acronym of "Energy Service Company", or Energy Service Company. Historically the first Esco were born in America at the turn of 1980 to meet the needs of saving energy and resources in public and private sectors with high consumption.
The originality of Esco is that material and financial assistance necessary to achieve the energy savings targets are supported by them and I go out by the customer or end user.
The energy user is relieved of any form of investment, and will not have to finance the improvements of the efficiency of its plants.
Esco investment pays for itself, and the cost of services provided, with part of the energy saving effect of the intervention. Energy conservation is recognized in the balance sheet and not the theoretical one.
The risks, both financial and technical operation, shall be borne by Esco.
If the surgery is technically wrong and therefore not profitable, is that I go out and do not bear the cost
the user, if there are the expected savings will Esco (such as utility companies) to cover the cost difference.
The difference between the energy bills before and after the remedial work I go to it by contract, in whole or pro rata, until the end of the pay-back period provided in the program or contract. At the end of the contract (usually 8-12 years), you become the owner of the improved parts of the system and, therefore, benefit from the increased efficiency of your system. At this point, decide if your treatment in the management or if you entrust it to Esco.
This may be the best financing option if you do not want to anticipate the cost-of-pocket investment. This type of contract, can be complex, but it is emerging in Europe.
Technology and Reliability of Power Solutios allow you to have installations can only be cleaned continuously, without having almost never intervene with invasive operations on the roofs, The fields are remote controlled and interventions also allow periodic cleaning to keep under continuous control of the flat roof, preventing possible problems related to the roof itself.
The canons of payment offered by Power Solutions, reflect the safety of an installation economically viable without excessive debt that can intercept the cash generated and endanger the continuity of payment. An annuity safe, reliable, guaranteed by the state for 20 years, excellent for those who wish to plan their long-term revenue.
Our experience allows us to be quick in the elaboration of proposals for lease and / or surface rights, both in the presence of mortgages that lease, both tenant operational state-owned or state property.
The alliance with leading financial groups and solid Power Solutions allows you to program interventions even several tens of MW in a few weeks without the randomness of a funding or authorizations.