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The biogas plants are characterized by the use of mixtures of various types of gases that are produced by bacterial fermentation in anaerobic conditions (ie in the absence of oxygen) of organic residues from dedicated crops, waste and waste from the food industry 'livestock industry or sewage sludge. The volatile solidscontent in the organic material is decomposed by bacteria that produce a mixture of carbon dioxide, molecular hydrogen and methane (from 50% to 80%).
The plants Biogas Power Solutions products are built and are based on the following principles:
  • the cogenerator is powered only when its physical and chemical conditions havereached the appropriate characteristics;
  • producing electricity produced can be sold or consumed in the network, while theheat output can be used locally in the form of hot water, thermal oil, hot water or steam;
  • according to local regulations, which is the size of the plant, may need to installtreatment systems for reducing emission levels of nitrogen oxides (NOx), carbon monoxide (CO) and particulate matter (PM).