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photovoltaic systems

Power Solutions manufactures photovoltaic systems "turnkey", following all thestages of development, from design to installation.
Specifically Power Solutions is responsible for:
  • surveys and feasibility studies: analysis of energy requirements, analysis of site characteristics (orientation, shading, etc.), structural analysis for the construction of a facility that integrates well into the context of installation.
  • bureaucratic process: preparing the documents for applying for the necessary permissions to the realization of the PV system, management practices concerning requests for connection to the local distribution of electricity.
  • PV system design: customized technical solutions as required to guarantee the best performance from the photovoltaic
  • construction of the photovoltaic assembly of components necessary for the construction of the photovoltaic
  • testing of the PV system: provides a range of engineering controls, subsequent to installation to verify proper system operation and verify that the energy produced is equal to that provided by the project.
  • management practices GSE: handling of all matters to be submitted to the Managerof Energy Services to obtain the installation of the photovoltaic incentives, intended to produce energy from renewable sources.