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Inclusive tariff

The Ministerial Decree 18/12/2008 of the State has introduced an incentive for small wind power plants connected to the power distribution with power between 1 kW and 200 (inclusive fixed fee). This incentive is paid by the Manager of Electrical Services (GSE) for a period of 15 years, amounted to € 0.30 for every kWh produced and injected into the network with the exception of the energy consumed differently which also promotes photovoltaic energy consumed .
After 15 years of the energy produced will be sold on the electricity market or simply the GSE through the mechanism of shrinkage dedicated. The Same in tariff is introduced to simplify the traditional CV which are recognized for a quantity of electricity produced per year and more such high CV will change from year to year the incentive granted to the producer. The price of the CV is recognized according to the laws of the electricity market, which decrease the value of the CV as the quantity demanded by the marketplace. Alternatively, to these incentive systems for those who install such a system as a generator of electricity from Wind, always with power between 1 and 200 kW will be to be eligible, subject to appropriate practice, GSE, the mechanism of exchange Locally. The all-inclusive fixed fee, which will include both the profitable parts of the market that the real incentive, it will be ensured by a single national entity, GSE (the Electrical Services Manager), and no longer by several local distributors, so fragmented. Producers may conclude an agreement with the GSE set-aside for electricity fed in accordance with procedures unique to the entire national electricity system, based on technical specifications verified by the Authority. The all-inclusive fixed fee does not apply to photovoltaics, which already benefits from the time of other incentive systems.
The Authority has also extended the opportunity to join the exchange mechanism in place to ski up to 200 kW power came into operation after December 31, 2007 to be covered by the rules already in force since 1 January 2009 for renewable energy plants to power up to 20 kW. This completes the legal framework provided by the law n. 222/07 and n. 244/07 and implemented by the Ministerial Decree of 18 December 2008.